Raupuha Perendales (950 ewes)

* Raupuha Perendales is one of the largest Perendales studs in NZ currently undertaking facial eczema testing.

    August 2011 we dosed 29 2th Perendale rams at .38

    August 2012 we dosed 33 2th Perendale rams at .4

    August 2013 we dosed 42 2th Perendale rams at .43

    August 2014 we dosed 47 2th Perendale rams at .45

   August 2015 we dosed 38 2th Perendale rams at .47

   August 2016 we dosed 25 2th Perendale rams at .50

    August 2017 we dosed 22 2th Perendale rams at .52

    August 2018 we dosed 43 2th Perendales Rams at .55

    August 2019 we dosed 43 2th Perendale Rams at .57

   August 2020 we dosed 35 2th Perendale Rams at .6

   August 2021 we dosed 34 2th Perendale Rams at .6

    Raupuha Perendales are raised under normal commercial conditions.

    They are ready to perform on your farm

Raupuha Perendales is the only Perendale stud in NZ that has being accepted by the FE Gold into the FE Gold  leading facial eczema genetics group.

   If you wish to see my FE certificate contact me and I will send you are copy always enjoy talking about it